The Symbolism Survey

The question comes up in class every year: How do we know the author intended the symbols that we analyze in class? One student in the ’60s took this question to incredible lengths, sending out a symbolism questionnaire to 150 of the top authors of the mid-twentieth century, with surprising results.

Click HERE for the story.

Audiobooks Update

Thanks to Ms. Kelley-DiSanto in the library, we now have a much more comprehensive list of titles that are available to BHS students on audiobook. Check our link in the header (under Resources). We strive to supply more titles with immediate access via this
website, so stay tuned!

FTA Thanks You!

Check out this pile of gifts!  Future Teachers of America members raised money in their English classes to purchase gifts for needy children this holiday season.  Gifts will be wrapped and distributed to the children at a DCF Holiday Party next week. 

A big THANK YOU to all students and staff who helped make this year’s Giving Tree campaign a huge success!

Collab – FOUR CONTESTS! Deadlines extended

Collab is running four contests at the moment. Something for everyone!

Poetry Contest: Write a poem that excludes the word “THE”

Short Story Contest: Write a short story that uses, at least once, every letter of the alphabet DEADLINE: Jan 3rd

Art Contest: Accepting all media, the winning entries will be featured on the covers of our 2012 magazine, as well as the 2012-13 BHS English textbooks DEADLINE: Jan 3rd

Music Contest: Accepting all submissions – DEADLINE: The end of finals

All submissions can be turned in to Mr. Lally (Room 200) or to

For more details, visit the Collab Website

Great Gatsby 8-bit video game

If you love The Great Gatsby, and always wondered what it would be like to dodge the lethal lasers firing out of the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckelburg, then this video game is for YOU. Here’s a throwback video game that turns Fitzgerald’s classic novel into a Mario-style scrolling video game adventure. Good Luck, Old Sport!

Click HERE to play