Lord of the Flies: tribe battle

Following the power split between Jack and Ralph in chapter 8 the students are given an activity to encourage them to be empathetic toward the boys.

The class is split into the two tribes; Ralph’s and Jack’s.
Students are asked to create the following for their tribe:

  • A list of 5 rules
  • A “pledge of allegiance”
  • A flag

As well as a drawing of how they would look if they actually belonged to their tribe.
Students are expected to use information from the book to fuel their creativity.

Student Examples:

Ralph's pledge.

Ralph's rules.

Ralph's flag.

Jack's tribe member.

Jack's rules.

Thanks to Emily Estep for motivating me to create a “tribal activity” last year!

Student work from the Spring of 2011:

Ralph's tribe rules

Jack's flag.

Jack's pledge.

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