2012 Final Thoughts Contest

Collab is running its annual Final Thoughts Contest, which is given to the top poem, short story, or essay written by a BHS senior. The winner receives a $30 gas card at Hess, while the two top runners-up receive discounts off of their prom ticket or yearbook. The contest will remain open until February 1st. Bring your submissions to Mr. Lally, or drop them in the box outside the Collab room. Multiple submissions are encouraged, and there are no restrictions on the entries. Good luck!

Book Recommendation – Ms. Coppola

Swimming to Antarctica: Tales of a Long-Distance Swimmer by Lynne Cox

published in 2004

“I am pushing myself to the limit.  But I’ve got to do this.  This swim is not about me.  It’s about all of us” (4).

Although this story follows the achievements of Lynne Cox, a record-breaking long-distance swimmer, it is more about the accomplishments and will-power all humans posses.

Cox was not built as we now envision elite-athletes and she was not a natural swimmer, but her determination to complete things no one else had allowed her to accomplish things many thought were impossible (and you may still think are impossible if you have not heard of her).

Cox swam for self-improvement, to break records, to complete feats no one had ever attempted, and to ease tension between countries of the world.  However, the reader will easily forget they are reading about a swimmer and instead be awed by her internal battles and inspired by her ability to push herself beyond what people consider physical limits.

This is a fantastic book to read if you are trying to motivate yourself (I read it before my half-marathon) and it will truly make you believe you have not begun to explore your own mental or physical limitations.

Collab Announces Writing Contest for Seniors

Copied from the Collab Webpage:


Attention BHS Seniors!

The Final Thoughts Contest – our annual contest for seniors only – is now open. Seniors are encouraged to submit their own short stories, poetry, essays, translations or song lyrics to Mr. Lally or to bhscollab@bpsk12.org

Seniors may submit as many pieces as they wish, in as many styles as they wish.

The winner receives a $30 gas card to Hess, and will be enshrined on the plaque in the English hall.

2nd Place earns a $25 discount to the Senior Prom

3rd place receives $15 off of the cost of the 2012 yearbook.

Good luck!