Poetry Out Loud Winners – 2012

Congratulations to the following students who placed in the top three in their Poetry Out Loud Semifinal Round:

Period One
WINNER: Emily Murgo with Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas
2nd Place: Michaela Mazure with The Days Gone By
3rd Place (TIE): Allie Hardy with Her Kind; Sarah Horwitz with Blind Curse

Period Two
WINNER: Marissa Coté with The Painter by John Ashberry
2nd Place (TIE): Sharon Kumar with News; Maya Russell with The Uniform
3rd Place: Alex Moffatt with The Destruction of Sennacherib

Period Three
WINNER: Zaven Ovian with Sonnet XXIX by William Shakespeare
2nd Place: Laura Simon-Pearson with Conversation
3rd Place (TIE): Katrina Gilstrap with Poor Angels; Luke Schissler with I Felt a Funeral in my Brain

Period Four
WINNER: Nicolette Moodie with Beautiful Wreckage by W.D. Ehrhart
2nd Place (TIE): Rachel Murgo with Calling Him Back from Layoff; TJ Horgan with The Way it Sometimes is
3rd Place: Nicholas Fahey with Kubla Khan

Period Five
WINNER: Pranav Menon with Two Guitars by Victor Hernandez Cruz
2nd Place – WILD CARD WINNER: Emily Martin with Calling Him Back from Layoff by Bob Hicok
3rd Place: Isha Mehta with My Brother, the Artist, at Seven

Period Six
WINNER: Kylie Scott with The Empty Dance Shoes by Cornelius Eady
2nd Place: Edward Gelberg with Ego
3rd Place: Luke O’Donnell with Mingus at the Showplace

Period Seven
WINNER: Toula Papadopoulos with Calling Him Back from Layoff by Bob Hicok
2nd Place: Giovanna Fernandes with A Locked House
3rd Place: Chris Coe with Snow Day

Congratulations to our winners!!! Stay tuned for our Teacher’s Choice Awards!

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