The Free Books Keep Coming

Check the English Hallway … the following titles are currently available… FOR FREE!

Lord Byron’s poetry
Dianetics (foundation for Scientology)
Killing Pablo – Non-fiction about the hunt for Pablo Escobar, one of the world’s worst drug kingpins
The Iditorod (non-fiction)
Exploring China (travel book)
Of Mice and Men
Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead – non-fiction book about the Lindburgh baby kidnapping (written by the baby’s mother)
Poet’s Market – A resource for getting your poetry published
College Knowledge – Good for seniors!
A Child Called “It”
John Adams – a biography
Aristotle’s Poetics

Classic Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, travel, reference guides, pseudo-religion, WE HAVE IT ALL!

For students interested in getting more free books, join Lally’s Literati (check in the Points of Pride tab above, in the header)

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