Annual BHS Faculty vs. BHS Varsity softball game

On Thursday, June 21st at 1:00 PM, the BHS Varsity softball team will take on the BHS Faculty Assembled Players in a showdown for the ages. The Varsity team has only lost twelve games total over the past three seasons, including 3 tournament berths and an Eastern MA championship … but they haven’t beaten the faculty since 2003. Come see the game!

Thursday, June 21 (no rain date)

BHS Faculty

“Starring” … Kristen “Coach” Mahoney, Emily “Remington” Bularzik, Krista “Southpaw” Roberts, Kevin “Out in Left” Field, Benjamin “Nor’Easter” Lally, Amy “Laser Show” Doughty, Pam “Pop-Up” Coppola, Adam “Turkey Club” Chiocca, and Patrick “Lightower Power” Larkin (and more!)


BHS Varsity – 2012 Middlesex League champs

1:00 @ Marvin Field … BE THERE!

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