Literary Map Overhaul Underway

Be sure to check out our Literary Map in the header menu, which is a compilation of settings in all of the different books that we teach at Burlington High. The map is getting its first infusion of locations since it originally went live four years ago. We already have over 25 new markers, including some new courses, some new texts, and some further locations from novels that were on the original map. We’ve also included photographs on some of our older pinpoints.

Highlights so far from this “version 2.0” include:

The location of the famous “Magic Bus” from Into the Wild
The home of the family featured at the heart of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood
Locations for two courses that did not exist when we originally made this map: AP Language and Young Adult Fiction
The “real-life” location of Agloe, New York – a town completely made up by mapmakers which is central to the plot of Paper Towns

More updates to come!

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