Great Literary-Themed Sites on the Web

We are excited to see the rise of some literary-themed pages popping up on the web. Check out the following:

Out of Print Clothing: This is a store that predominantly sells t-shirts with the covers of classic works of literature on the front of them. While this started a few years ago as an online-only store, their clothing has started popping up in local retailers, like the Curious George Store in Harvard Square, or more locally, the Super Used Bookstore in Burlington. They have shirts for kids, and you can also order a cool, literary cover for your smartphone or iPad too.

PosterText: This Canadian-based company has already prompted a small wave of imitators, but this one was first. Their concept is simple: Use the text from classic works of literature to create a black & white poster depicting a key scene from the same book. These have to be seen to be believed. Check it out!

Goodreads: This is a social networking site for readers – think of it as an for books. If you liked a book and are not sure which of the author’s other titles to read next, you can read user reviews, or see cumulative rating scores. Keep track of your own progress and test yourself on literary trivia. If you find friends on the site, you can follow their updates and see what they are reading. We don’t have enough conversations about books outside of the school. Goodreads can help remedy that.

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