Updated Book List Pages

We have recently overhauled our “Courses” section of this webpage to reflect the collections of books that we teach to our classes at each level. We have introduced a number of new texts this year, and we have been refining what texts we offer as required texts for the past few years. In the “Courses” tab in the menu above, you will find updated  pages that show the different books that we teach to our Sophomores and Seniors, as well as the latest booklist for our new Young Adult Fiction class. Our Junior-year classes should be up within a day or two.

Two brief notes: The AP classes do not have a set book list, as the units of study in those classes are entirely up to the teachers of the course. Also, in all of our core courses, the book lists do not reflect the additional units that we teach that are not tied to a specific title (the short story unit in freshman year, poetry units, or selections from larger texts).

Check out our new book lists here:
Sophomore Year
Junior Year
Senior Year
Young Adult Fiction

(Freshmen Year’s and Contemporary Literature’s book list had already been completed prior to this update)

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