English Department Donates Texts to Mission to Liberia

Today, a representative from Mission to Liberia, came by BHS to collect a shipment of textbooks that the English Department was donating to high schools in Liberia. The department offered approximately 100 Word Wealth vocabulary textbooks, as well as the remainder of their hardcover literature textbooks, and approximately 100 overstock copies of the custom-printed textbooks that we have used for our American Literature and British Literature classes since 2007.

To find out more about this organization, visit their webpage HERE

The representative wished for us to mention that they also run service programs, so any students who wish to fulfill their service requirements for National Honor Society or who are enrolled in Leadership and Social Change, (or, any student who simply wishes to help out) this group is a great opportunity. If interested, see Mr. Lally to get contact information, or contact the group directly through their website.

2 thoughts on “English Department Donates Texts to Mission to Liberia

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