Lally’s Literati – New Stock

From Mr. Lally:

Lally’s Literati, the BHS Book Buying program, recently picked up a whole bundle of books to be given away to our participants. The problem this year is that we don’t have too many students signed up! You do not have to be in my classes to sign up, all you have to do is visit THIS PAGE and add your requests to the shopping list. New members will get first crack at some of our overstock, which as of today includes:

The Hunger Games
Pretty Little Liars (The first three books)
Into Thin Air (non-fiction title from the author of Into the Wild)
The Help
Sherlock Holmes
The Blindside

If on a winter’s night a traveler…
Twilight (trilogy)
Brave New World
The Iliad

and titles by
Kurt Vonnegut
Nicholas Sparks
Agatha Christie
Charles Dickens
Jodi Picoult
Ernest Hemingway
Jane Austen
Jack Kerouac

If you wish to request any of these specific titles or authors, be sure to add them to your request list. If we have any duplicate requests, with two or more people requesting the same book, I’ll select one at random. (Existing Literati members, feel free to put in your requests for these authors & titles too. If nobody else asks, the title is yours!)

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