BHS Releases Interactive Vocabulary Textbook

The English Department is pleased to announce the full release of our new vocabulary textbook in its ultimate form: an interactive cloud-based app designed for use on the iPad. This September, we unveiled a website version of our vocabulary text, but the transition to the iPad version includes the following upgrades:

Collaboration: Students will be able to work together as a class to create word clouds, images, and personal responses that will help each other learn the vocabulary words

Archiving: Students will have a paper-free record of all of their vocabulary work, which will help with test review and revisiting forgotten words

Creativity: Students will be able to use their iPad’s camera or select images from online to give a pictorial definition of a vocabulary word. Responses will go beyond simply writing context sentences for the units

Interaction: Students will be able to see each other’s longer responses and will be able to respond to the ones that they like the best. Students can also personalize their icon by creating a free GRAVATAR account (click HERE), and then their image will be attached to their responses

Freshmen classes will be unveiling this new version sometime between now and the end of the first half, depending on how many units that class has already covered. Starting in the second half, every freshmen class will be using this updated version.

INSTRUCTIONS: To install the program onto your iPad, go to iTunes and find Exploros (or click HERE) and download the free application. Freshmen: Your teacher will provide instructions when it is time to add Exploros to your particular class. For a tutorial on how to create an account, CLICK HERE (Please note, students will not currently be able to use their bps121 email accounts to gain access to this app – they will have to use a personal email address).

Please bear in mind that this program is still in its earliest stages, and we are working out some of the kinks. We delayed until December so that we could present a fully functional and debugged version. We will likely run into some minor problems once we go from 20 users to 250, but we are now confident in the current version to open it up to all BHS freshmen.

We will provide an introductory demo for this textbook as soon as we are able.

Ms. Bularzik for test-piloting the first two versions of this program and helping eliminate some major issues.
EXPLOROS for their assistance in making this vocabulary test come alive off of the page

We hope you enjoy this textbook experience!

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