More Publishing Success! Billy Restivo, Published Poet

Short on the heels of Kylie Scott’s success in having her short story published in The Marble Collection, we’ve learned that senior Billy Restivo has also been accepted into the same magazine! And getting published in this magazine is no easy task – each edition draws submissions from over 150 schools, and they generally only accept around 60 stories or poems each year. Billy’s piece is an accomplished Shakespearean sonnet about the struggle to find direction and make progress in life. And here it is:

Toy Car
by Billy Restivo

The rubber tires disguised in faded paint
Stood digging into indents of a track.
And as the motor hummed so dull and faint,
This children’s toy would trudge along the cracks
Over such a poorly crafted circuit;
I didn’t know this and I didn’t care.
Fingers gripped the base and hands secured it
As eyes pursued each move in empty stares.
And all the while, this beaten down machine
Drove about; no faults, yet no direction.
Until the engine gave— a bleak, foreseen
Fate, its path was paved with such perfection.
So now I ask, is such perfection wise,
To drive along until my engine dies?

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