Poetry Out Loud Updates

Most of our classes have announced their winners for the in-class competitions, and our list of semifinalists will be posted on this site sometime early tomorrow. Congratulations to those of you who have finished, and good luck to anyone who has yet to participate. A reminder to all semifinalists: Mrs. Ford will hold a brief meeting after school in the cafeteria to give you some very important information about how the semifinals work, and what you should expect. The meeting will be efficient; you will be able to catch your bus.

The Huntington Theatre, the Massachusetts organizer for all Poetry Out Loud schools, wanted to pass along the following statistics and information:

This year, Burlington was one of 79 schools that participated in Poetry Out Loud (up from 68 last year), and over 20,000 students recited a poem in the competition. When you consider how our 1100+ students all performed a recitation, that means that BHS was around 5% of the entire state’s population. BHS continues to be one of the few schools in the state that participates as thoroughly as we do.

The state Semi-finals will take place on Saturday, March 2nd in Boston and Framingham;  And on Sunday, March 3rd  in Springfield and on Cape Cod. The Burlington champion will compete in Framingham on the 2nd.

Finals will take place at the Old South Meeting House, Boston on Sunday, March 10th.  

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the semifinalists, and the judging panel for our finals.

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