7 BHS Students Write Novels for National Novel Writing Month

By Natalia Farias (BHS Sophomore)
This past November our Fundamentals of Writing class had the opportunity to participate in NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo allows young writers, like ourselves, to explore and strengthen out writing skills. The goal is to spend a month writing a novel and reach a word count goal. Our class was very ambitions and we all managed to complete our word count goal and finish our novels. We gained writing experience, time management skills, and we were able to think for ourselves while exploring our ideas.
I think what I enjoyed the most about writing for a month would be the freedom of writing your own story. We didn’t really have guide lines and I think the helped us work on our writing and think for ourselves.
– Natalia (BHS Sophomore)
I liked that you could write about almost anything. It was easier to write about topics you like than topics that are assigned to you.
– Tommy (BHS Freshman)
For me, Namowrimo showed me that I am able to meet a goal a set for myself.
– Mira (BHS Freshman)
What I liked the most about nanowrimo was the word count. It was helpful to track your progress while writing the story.
– Allison (BHS Freshman)
Something I took away from the experience of NaNoWriMo was that whether you wrote a good or bad novel, the fact that you finished one pushes you one step further either way. In the beginning you’re surrounded by writers who aim to be authors. Once you finish a novel, you can call yourself just that and you’re already on your way along the path to becoming a novelist. I learned that no matter how you do a goal that you have it mind, reaching it is the more satisfying part of the whole journey.
– Kavya (BHS Freshman)
I liked how NanoWrimo tracked your progress so you can see how much you have to write each day. It is good so you don’t procrastinate and get all of your writing done.
– Jimmy (BHS Sophomore)

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