Get Ready for Book Madness – BHS Style

Considering how well both the boys and girls basketball teams are doing this year at BHS, the English Department wants to get in on the action.

The people over at Out of Print Clothing are preparing their third-annual Book Madness tournament – a showdown where 64 books were selected and then pitted head to head, with people voting on their preference; the title that receives the most votes moves on to the next round in a single-elimination, NCAA basketball style tournament. Last year, Margaret Atwood took home the championship for best 21st Century novel with Blind Assassin.* Check out their 2013 tournament HERE. This year at BHS, we’re offering the same concept: An open vote to determine the best book in the BHS curricula. To make it easier, we’ve trimmed the list down to 32, and we’ve divided the opening round up into four brackets, one for each year of study at BHS. The voting is open to everyone – current students, alumni, faculty and curious visitors, and the rounds will run as follows:

March 1-3: Introduction to Literature I (Freshmen) Opening Round
March 4-6: Introduction to Literature II (Sophomores) Opening Round
March 7-9: American Literature Opening Round
March 10-12: British & World Literature Opening Round
March 13-16: Sweet 16 – Grades 9 & 10
March 17-20: Sweet 16 – Grades 11 & 12
March 21-24: Regional Championships (Elite Eight)
March 25-28: Semifinals (Final Four)
March 29-31: BHS Book Madness Finals

Here’s a preview of our Book Madness bracket so you can prepare your opening-round votes, and so you can fill out your own bracket on how you think it will all play out. BHS does not endorse student gambling. (Do your best to decipher the shorthand version of the titles… we are only allowed 8 characters to type in… But our tournament will reveal any mysteries that you cannot solve!)

* CORRECTION: Blind Assassin lost in the finals to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

(click on bracket to enlarge)

Book Madness

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