BHS Book Madness Finals!!! To Kill a Mockingbird vs. The Great Gatsby!!!

Two powerhouses in the finals! The dream ran out for recent BHS curricular addition, The Hunger Games, while Macbeth’s fate finally caught up with him. So our final showdown for BHS March Madness superiority is between To Kill a Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby! Vote between now and Thursday evening, when we will announce the winner!

[updated bracket coming soon]

BHS Book Madness – Final Four

And with that last round, we’re down to our final four books – one from each of our four core courses. The final four are:

Freshmen Year: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Sophomore Year: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Junior Year: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Senior Year: Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Vote here, or in the Book Madness tab in our menu! Voting for this round runs through Monday.

Performances: 10-minute Macbeth


The following videos were created by Mrs. Ford’s Honors British & World Literature students for an assignment where they needed to retell the story of Macbeth in ten minutes or less, highlighting important themes and/or motifs.


Chris Coe, Danielle Coveno, Sean McCrobie, Erin Murphy, and Miranda Woods

Katie Hubbard, Pamella Nakazibwe, Ahmad Osman, Jacinda Pedersen, and Sam Rollins 

Holly Brouillette, Steven Hong, Krutika Nayak, and Laura Simon-Pearson 

Adam Bonfilio, Sarah Burnham, Christine McCarron, Shannon Murray, and Sam Small (please note that there may be technical glitches with this video) 

BHS Book Madness – Elite Eight

We’re down to the final eight books! And for the first time, you’ll be voting across all four years of the BHS curriculum! Again, some tight matches in this last round of the sweet sixteen, and this last round gathered more votes than any other round so far in the tournament. Keep up the good work, voters!

Gatsby once again destroyed its opponent, winning 88-12, and has yet to be challenged. Things Fall Apart, the #1 seed in the British bracket, took out The Canterbury Tales. Macbeth got out to an early lead against Beowulf and coasted to victory, creating a showdown between the top two British Regional seeds. And this round’s nailbiter was a back-and-forth matchup between The Book Thief and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Both books had the lead in the final three hours of voting, but a late surge kept the small-conference upstart The Book Thief alive, with a dramatic 54-46 comeback win. The Book Thief represents our Young Adult Fiction class, and is the only non-core text remaining in the tournament.

Now, on to the voting! Voting for this round will run until 11 PM on Friday, March 22.

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