Author Holly Thompson Visits BHS

hollythompson.headshot_LHolly Thompson, acclaimed Young Adult author, came to BHS today to talk about her experiences as a poet, a novelist, an expatriate living in Japan, and her 2011 novel-in-verse Orchards, which the Young Adult Fiction class recently finished reading. Mrs. Thompson visited with our Creative Writing electives, where she discussed the process of taking an idea and turning it into a full-length story. She highlighted the key scenes from her recent novel Orchards, as well as her upcoming novel-in-verse, The Language Inside, which is due out in May. Among other subjects, she discussed writer’s block, the pressures of publishing, and the amount of research required to complete a novel. Mrs. Thompson also enjoyed a 40-minute interview session with the Journalism class during period four, where the students asked about her personal life and about her life as an author. Keep an eye out for the Devil’s Advocate article. She also spent our long block with the Young Adult fiction class, where she answered questions about Orchards, and was with Ms. Chang and the Students for Asian Cultural Awareness, where she talked about her experiences as an American living in Japan (where she has lived for 18 years). We were very excited to have Mrs. Thompson join us today!

If you are interested in picking up a copy of Orchards, join Lally’s Literati (see the link in the tabs above), or go to the Amazon page for the book, HERE.

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