World Book Night 2013 – Less Than Two Weeks Away!

For the second straight year, BHS will participate in the annual World Book Night, a nationwide celebration of literature during which over a half-million books will be given out across the country. BHS has four teachers (Ms. Bularzik, Mrs. Janovitz, Mr. Lally and Ms. Stuart) who have been selected to be book givers this year, which means that we will have 80 custom-printed novels that we will be giving away on Tuesday, April 23rd as a part of the event. Descriptions of each of the novels will follow on this page – stay tuned!

We have also brainstormed several different and fun ways to get these books into students’ hands, including:

  • A scavenger hunt that will take students all around BHS searching for answers to trivia questions
  • Books hidden around the school
  • Prizes for our 2013 departmental book award winners
  • Gifts to students, specially selected by each member of the English Department
  • An online raffle
  • And more!

As a reminder, the four books that we will be distributing this year are:

Stay tuned for more updates!

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