Creating a Gravatar Account

One of the benefits of our new online textbook is the ability to interact with your peers in responding to our vocabulary assignments. But as it is right now, nearly all of you have an icon that looks like a shady outline of a person – nothing too exciting about that. So how do you change that icon into an image of you? That’s easy. Gravatar. Here’s what you need to do.

1) Go to THIS WEBSITE and enter your email in the space next to the green box. PLEASE NOTE!!! You have to use the email account that you used when you set up your Exploros account for the vocabulary book. If you use your Burlington email account, it will not be able to link to your vocabulary book.

2) If you already have a WordPress account, sign in on the next screen that shows up. If you do not, click on the tab that reads “Sign Up For Free”

3) On that page, type in your email address and the name that you would like to appear next to your image

4) Authorize Gravatar to work with your WordPress account

5) Sign in to your email account and activate your new WordPress account

6) Follow the link that pops up and sign in to Gravatar

7) You will see a message that tells you that you do not have any images attached to your account. Click on the link to add an image, and follow the instructions.

From here on out, whenever you add any answers to your Exploros vocabulary homework, your image will show up next to it! And that’s all!

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