World Book Night Scavenger Hunt – Still Going

Didn’t get a free book yesterday? We still have books up for grabs remaining in the latter stages of our scavenger hunt. To speed things along, we’ll aim you to the next place where you will find a book, which means the questions have changed. If you are the first to answer one of these two questions correctly, you’ll get a book for free! We still have around ten books left to be claimed, and we’ll update the questions in the Collab display case as the week continues.


1) According to the mural at BHS that has eight children in it, The West School in Burlington was opened in what year?

Bring your answer to Ms. Fishel in the History Department.

2) Our maps that are up around the building show that we used to have a planetarium. In that room today, there is a mural that mentions a city. What is the city painted on the wall inside the former planetarium?

Bring your answer to Ms. Sullivan – Foreign Lang.

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