Romeo & Juliet – Coming to Burlington High

On Friday May 3 (next Friday), the entire freshmen class will have an in-house field trip during long period 6 and part of period 7.  They will be seeing a presentation of Romeo and Juliet performed by Shakespeare Now.  As plays were meant to be viewed as well as read, we feel that students greatly benefit from seeing a live presentation of the play. Furthermore, Romeo & Juliet is one of our core texts for the freshmen class, so we are excited to once again be able to present this play to our freshmen, most of whom have already read the play this year.

The play will take place in the auditorium and all freshmen students will be called down around 12:10 (15 minutes into the start of long period 6).  The play will last about an hour and a half so students will be returning to their period 7 classes about halfway through the period.

This production has been paid for by a grant that Ms. Driscoll worked on, so a special thanks to her for her hard work.

Freshmen, we hope you enjoy this production!

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