Book Recommendation: Mrs. Bernard

Marley and Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog by John Grogan.

Are you as in love with your own dog as I am with mine? If so, then this piece of non-fiction is for you. Actually, it’s for any animal-lover out there. Grogan chronicles life with his new wife, beginning with their purchase of a rambunctious, impossibly cute, and ultimately unmanageable Yellow Lab. Marley has the run of the house: eating furniture, using the floor as his personal toilet, and barking uncontrollably at thunder storms. Sound familiar to you? Marley grows up into a very large, spunky dog. The bond between Grogan and Marley is unmistakable. Grogan has the ability to express the uncommon bond that man and dog share.

I loved this book because I could relate to Grogan’s impossible situation- loving a dog unconditionally that also eats all of your stuff. As the story progresses, John and his wife add two young children in the mix. With moments of utter chaos and hysterical scenes, Grogan has you laughing out loud at his portrayal of their home as “crazy town”. Marley is mayor of this “crazy town”, and the rest of the family is along for the ride. Since this book chronicles a dog’s entire life, the ending is a tear jerker! But an enjoyable one that has you reflect on your own love of your dog. Oh, and that’s the real Marley on the cover of the book- I judged the book by its cover, and it paid off. 

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