June 13 Book Awards – Congratulations!

On June 13th, BHS held its annual Book Awards Ceremony, where select BHS students were given awards for standing out in our various departments. The English Department is proud of the five winners of our departmental awards this year.

The 21st Century Book Awards are given out each year to one student in each grade who has shown the greatest improvement in his or her English class. This year’s winners were:
Class of 2013: Wynn Wiggins
Class of 2014: Jonathan Garcia
Class of 2015: Jack O’Sullivan
Class of 2016: Kailey Sparks

And the Brown Book Award goes out annually to a student who shows excellent verbal and written skills. This year’s winner was Dora Kadish

Congratulations to our five winners, and to all other recipients of the BHS Book Awards!

2013-06-13 09.42.39



We have also ordered a plaque to be put up in the English hallway to commemorate the winners of both of our awards. The 21st Century Book Award plaque is being finished, but here’s a sneak peek at the Brown Book Award plaque.
2013-06-18 14.09.25


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