Ms. Sullivan Presents Golden Boy, her Debut Novel, to BHS

On Tuesday, June 18, on the last day before finals, BHS Foreign Language teacher Tara Sullivan presented her debut novel, Golden Boy – a young-adult novel about a Tanzanian boy who is being targeted for his albino skin by local witch doctors – to the English classes in the Fogelberg Auditorium. Each period was able to hear a brief explanation of the inspiration for the novel, about the research that Ms. Sullivan did in Tanzania, and about the laborious (but definitely rewarding) process of taking a novel from an idea to a completed work.

More detail can be found in Emma Jones’s article in the Devil’s Advocate, which can be found HERE

If you are interested in picking up a copy of the novel, see Ms. Sullivan before the end of the year! She has copies available for $11, which is a great discount from the standard cost for a new hardcover, and you can find her in the foreign language hall. If you have read the novel, or are currently reading it, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section of this page!

Congratulations Ms. Sullivan! The English Department is very excited for you!

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