Word Wealth – 1930(?)-2013 – Requiescat in Pace

As the sophomores prepare for their finals, which begin tomorrow, we wished to take a moment and bid farewell to Word Wealth, the quirky, slightly outdated, and religiously tinted vocabulary textbook that Burlington High School has been using for as long as anyone can remember.

By September, we will have completed our second year’s component of our online vocabulary textbook, which will mean that Word Wealth will be a fading memory. Our remaining copies will likely be donated to a school in Liberia, as we did with much of our overstock earlier this year. So as a farewell, we would like to present a slideshow of some of the best of the orange-shaded drawings and random photographs that adorn Word Wealth’s pages.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One thought on “Word Wealth – 1930(?)-2013 – Requiescat in Pace

  1. Wordwealth- I hope you enjoy your time on the farm. Mr. Lally tells me there are other books to play with and lots of fields to run around in. He’s right, it’s much less crowded than the book-room at BHS.

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