Departmental Changes for 2013-14

As our year winds to a close, we wish to highlight some of the changes to our curricular offerings scheduled to take effect at the beginning of next year.

Introduction of the Sophomore-Year Online Vocabulary Text

Our biggest project of the summer is to create an online vocabulary text for our sophomores, available as an iPad app through Exploros, similar to the one that we created this year for our freshmen. Our goals are to introduce some elements that had previously been unavailable, such as polling and sketching responses, and to have the textbook fully ready for the beginning of the 2013-14 school year.

Implementation of our New Four-Year Writing Expectations

We are currently putting the finishing touches on a more unified set of expectations for what kinds of writing tasks all BHS students are expected to complete over their four-year education. Our webpage will reflect the new curricula, which will govern how every English teacher approaches expository writing, regardless of the level of the class.

Reading & Writing Lab is On Hold

Our efforts to create a Reading & Writing Lab, where students can go to get assistance with their English classes has hit a snag and will not be able to run for the 2013-14 school year. Our goal is to iron out the problems with this program before it launches, and have it fully ready for 2014-15.

Reassessment of Core Texts Across All Four Years

At the beginning of the school year, we will spend some time reviewing our BHS canon of novels and plays that are taught to our four mandatory courses. We expect to introduce some books, retire some other ones, and shuffle around which books get taught during which years.

Elimination of American Literature Term Paper Graduation Requirement

Very little will change in how the American Literature (grade 11) term paper will run or will be graded, but effective next year, the completion of the term paper will no longer be a BHS graduation requirement.

Restructuring of Journalism and Media Electives

Our Journalism course will be taught by Ms. Graham next year, and she will spend some time this summer restructuring how that class will run, including the return of a printed copy of The Devil’s Advocate, the BHS school newspaper. And due to the departure of Mr. Calvin from the English Department, Ms. Coppola and Mrs. Ford will work this summer to create a new direction for our Media Production classes.

Elimination of Expository Writing & Fundamentals of Writing Electives

Starting in 2013-14, we will no longer offer the Expository Writing and Fundamentals of Writing electives.

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