New Online Vocabulary Text for Sophomores Completed

We are excited to announce that the online version of our new vocabulary textbook is now fully up and running. You can check out the new sophomore textbook at our vocabulary webpage:

The new sophomore textbook is different from the freshmen text in that is does not continue the prefix/root/suffix study that we incorporated into the freshmen text. But like the freshmen text, the sophomore units are custom-selected, and the book is 18 units of 20 words each. At this point, all four years of vocabulary study are custom-made for BHS students, and we can now begin the process of smoothing out the few remaining overlaps that we have over our four years. All of the vocabulary words in grades 9-11 are also up on our Quizlet page, and we plan on adding the grade 12 words as soon as we have the time. If you are interested in our rationale for creating these textbooks, please read our post from August 2012, when the freshmen book officially launched by CLICKING HERE.

Our main difference between last year’s release and this year’s is that the iPad edition of the sophomore text will be ready for day one of the upcoming school year, and the interface has been field-tested by the class of 2016, who used our freshmen text on their iPads for the second half of last year. The sophomore book hopes to improve upon the available technology that Exploros offers.

Finally, here’s a promotional video from Exploros that explains what these two textbooks are all about:

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