Updates to Lally’s Literati

After a slow year last year, Mr. Lally has restructured his book-buying program, which is available to any BHS student, not just ones in Mr. Lally’s classes. The Literati works like this:

1) You give Mr. Lally a list of book requests – what titles, authors or styles do you like?
2) He searches for inexpensive copies of your requests. If you are willing to pitch in, the English Department will cover the first $5 of any book purchase, and you can cover the rest.
3) That’s all! No book report, no homework, just a book for free, or for a great discount.

New to this year’s version, if you sign up and provide a shopping list, and you are willing to pitch in for the cost, you will be guaranteed to receive a book at least every three months. Also new, the amount that the department will pay has gone up from $3 to $5, which will raise your chances of being able to get books for free – loads of great books are available online for less than $5, including shipping.

If you are interested in discovering a new favorite author, or getting books for free, CLICK HERE to add your requests.

And then, keep your eye on the announcements in the middle of the English hallway – something will come your way soon!

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