Student Day of Poetry – March 21, 2014 at UMass Boston

We recently received this announcement for the 2014 Student Day of Poetry and wished to pass it along. If anyone is interested, see Mr. Lally if you need further details.

Student Day of Poetry is in its fourth year, and each year has drawn about 800 high school students to a college campus for a full day of poetry, including performances and readings by celebrated national and local poets, writing workshops, and an open mike. There is something for every student, from those who don’t even know they like poetry, to those running your high school’s poetry club. A range of styles are covered to satisfy and challenge sonnet writers to slam poets and everyone in between!

Student Day of Poetry 2014 will be held Friday, March 21st at UMass Boston. Registration is currently open here. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Below are descriptions of some of the most popular writing workshops from 2013. The writing workshops and headliners for 2014 will be announced soon! 

Click here if you’d like to see a video of Student Day of Poetry 2013.

Thanks and best,
Laurin Macios


Who Do You Think You Are: The Art of the Persona
Lewis Morris

Have you ever wanted to write from the perspective or voice of someone that is not you? Well, now you can! In this workshop, students will learn how to tap into, consider, and empathize with points of views that are not their own.  Students will write persona poems taking on the identity of someone else in the first person voice.

Fairy Tale Characters are People, Too
Ambre Earp Lahar

My daughter swoons over the sparkling, glittering princess world in Cinderella, but I roll my eyes at the too easily won happliy-ever-after.  What if fairy tale characters were people, too?  They wouldn’t be able to change overnight, would they?  Maybe Cinderella moves into the castle and tries to sweep the floor or clear the table after dinner.  What if she keeps running away from difficult situations?  What if Peter Pan has to grow up and get a job?  How would flying and sword-fighting look on a resume?  Students will learn to read poems with the help of Observation, Interpretation, and Evaluation.  Using concrete images, metaphor, and the musicality of language, students will write their own poem that challenge their ideas about happily-ever-after.

Say The Thing
William Stratton

Poetry has many aesthetics, and its long history means it has been approached a variety of ways. Often poets lose the ‘thing’ they mean to say in the ways which they have learned to say it. This workshop is about remembering those things we wanted to say when we started writing poetry in the first place, and all the things we’ve lost along the way…and then learning how to write them.

Poetry in and out of form
Tyehimba Jess

Students will be familiarized with sonnets, and will learn concepts such as personification, synaesthesia, conflict, plot, imagery stanza breaks, line theory, and tension.

It’s a Hard Knock Life “For Us”: Writing Poems from Personal Experience
Enzo Silon Surin

Ever wondered what Jay-Z meant by “it’s a hard knock life”? Sometimes the difficult moments we experience in life are often the hardest to write about.  Ever wondered why? Ever wondered what would happen if these stories never got told? In this workshop, we will discuss clear, safe and effective ways to write poems from personal experience.

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