Updates to Exploros

Version 1.1.0 of the Exploros app has been released.  Another update, to keep up with the changes to iOS7, will be coming out within the next month or so. Students and teachers should check their iPads to download the update. Some of the key updates are outlined below.  In addition, the way that new accounts are setup has changed.  To learn how accounts are created, visit Getting Started Teacher and Getting Started Student.

Add a Profile Picture that appears next to your responses

1.Tap the profile icon in the top left of the main navigation screen
2. Tap edit
3. Turn Gravatar off
4. Tap the camera and choose a photo from your photo stream or take a picture.  Note that in iOS 7, Apple has turned off PIP photos.  As a result, this feature is turned 90 degrees in the viewfinder, but when you take the picture it turns upright.  Annoying.  It will be fixed with iOS7 update.

In App Post updates

As part of your dashboard, you have a new area called Posts.  This shows you the number of new posts in a discussion since the last time you saw it.
When you navigate through Scenes, you’ll see this kind of indication, which means that the discussion has new posts.  Tap the orange indicator and you’ll see them.

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