2014 World Book Night Titles Announced

This evening, World Book Night America, which enters its third year, announced the list of titles available for this year’s massive book giveaway. This year’s list includes some titles that have been taught at BHS (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, When I Was Puerto Rican – available in English OR Spanish), a good amount of Young Adult fiction, Agatha Christie, some non-fiction and a collection of famous poetry. This year’s selections are decidedly more modern than what has been available in years past, and the list is fairly light on “Classics”.

As a reminder, on April 23rd of every year, over a half-million books are given away in a celebration of literacy and of sharing books with one another. BHS has participated for both of the program’s first two years, with four English teachers (Ms. Bularzik, Mrs. Janovitz, Mr. Lally & Ms. Stuart) being accepted as “givers” of free books. We hope to participate once again this year, and our applications are already in. For a recap of our scavenger hunt and Word Wealth Quest from last year, CLICK HERE

For the full list of books being offered this year (on April 23, 2014), please visit THE WORLD BOOK NIGHT WEBSITE. Happy Reading!

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