100,000 Visits!

In a coincidence that would make Charles Dickens proud, this webpage is on the verge of getting its 100,000th visit exactly two years to the day since the first part of this page went public. Thank you for all of your visits! And there’s no reason to slacken the reins – we have some ideas in motion already for how to further improve this page.

Upcoming improvements to this page include: 

A page for the Devils’ Playlist, the newest BHS extracurricular group that is run by a member of the English Department

A completion of the Junior and Senior-year Writing Expectations, which will finalize our four-year essay writing expectations

Inviting students to write book reviews for our Read It! page

Updated Poetry Out Loud Recommendations for 2014

Flashcards for the British Literature vocabulary units

A video archive of performances from the Poetry Out Loud finals, past and present

An overhaul of the BHS Literary Map, one that reflects the many new texts that have recently been introduced to our classes, or that are scheduled to be introduced over the next two years.

Keep reading, BHS! There are plenty of chapters left!

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