BHS Students: Write a Book Recommendation for This Site!

At the top of this page, you’ll find a “Read It” tab, where BHS English teachers (past and present) have given book recommendations along with a quick description of why you might like to read the book. But not it is your chance to take the reins!

If you would like to write a book review for our Read It! page, we will be accepting submissions between now and December 20th. Provide the title, the author, and a brief (5-10 sentence) explanation of the book (NO SPOILERS!) and why your BHS peers might like to read it. If you can add an image of the book cover, that would be great as well. These recommendations can be classics, beach reads, books that are being turned into movies, or non-fiction. Just tell us what you like, and why it is awesome.

To submit your book recommendation, please email your thoughts to Mr Lally ( and we will get to as many of them as we can. Thanks!

(PS: This offer is also available for teachers and staff as well – let’s see what you have on your must-read list!)

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