Book Recommendation – Janelle Jean (Class of 2014)

Here’s another book review of a story that is being turned into a Hollywood blockbuster because of its great success as a novel. Read the book first! Take it from Janelle, a senior at BHS:

by Veronica Roth

b46fd-divergenthcc28229I would definitely time find to read Divergent because it is so well written.  I read this after I finished The Hunger Games, so Divergent is a dystopian book.  I’ve read a lot of dystopian books since, but Divergent will always be my favorite.  The main character, Tris, is under a lot of pressure to make the right choice that will decide the rest of her life.  The other main character, Four, is very very likable.  Other than the relatable characters, the scenes in the book are very well written so it makes it easy to visualize what is going on.  There is also a lot of suspense throughout the whole book and doesn’t get boring.

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