Book Recommendation – Sruti Pandey (Class of 2016)

Our next student book review is a novel that takes a look at the significance of identity – check out…

Every Day
by David Levithan

photo-11Every Day is a fascinating novel that challenges the preconceptions of what it means to be a teenager in this world. “A” is a person who changes bodies everyday.  A gets put into bodies of both girls and boys and does not think that A is a boy or a girl. A takes the place of one of the the sixteen year olds in Maryland and can access his or her memories. At midnight, A gets “ripped” from that body into another person, leaving the previous person with misleading memories that A constructs. One day, A falls in love with the girlfriend of the person A is inhabiting. When A jumps to the next body, A tries to keep in touch with her, a girl named Rhiannon. The book really pushes the limits society puts on teenagers and shows the problems teenagers deal with – drugs, body image, depression – through A’s empathetic, discerning eyes.

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