Book Recommendation – Jill Daniels (Class of 2014)

Our first student recommendation for non-fiction comes from senior Jill Daniels – Enjoy!

Stiff – The Curious Life of Human Cadavers
by Mary Roach

Stiff-262x350A few of you might remember reading Stiff in middle school with Mrs. Rogers.  And I bet you can agree that it’s quite a unique book.  Author Mary Roach’s repetoire includes Spook, and her latest work, Gulp.  Stiff delivers that same punch of humourous, intellectually-stimulating weirdness.  It chronicles Roach’s journeys across the world to unveil what happens to the deceased.  She also touches upon Britain’s history of bodysnatching, medical usage of body parts, and crash test subjects.  I highly recommend sticking it out until the chapter discussing alternative forms of burial.

Note: Contains some mature content/language.

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