Helpful Hints for Studying for Midterms

The BHS Mentor Team has recently compiled this list of helpful hints to get you ready for the midterms, which begin on Tuesday, January 21.

● Don’t cram / start studying early

● Don’t procrastinate!

● Teach topics to other people.

● Flashcards (Flashcardlet App.)

● Review old tests / quizzes


● Put away technology and social media.

● Try to spread studying out.

● 4 hours per subject

● Utilize process of elimination.

● Answer easy questions first!

● Look at each others’ notes.

● Don’t be afraid to go to teachers for help.

● Use study groups


● Don’t re-read everything.

● Don’t be scared to skip questions.

● Breathe. 🙂

● Don’t freak out in you get multiple letters in a row.

● Prep for essays beforehand.

● Make a notecard, if allowed.

● Ask if you can take extra time.*

● Don’t second guess yourself.


* = Please Note – you will only be able to receive extra time if you are on an IEP or 504 that specifically allows for extra examination time.

Also, please note that on Tuesday, from 2 to 3 PM in the cafeteria, the mentors will help any student who wishes for help on his or her English midterm.

Good luck!

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