2014 Semifinalists Fully Reported! Good Luck Tomorrow! (1/15)

The semifinalists for the 2014 Poetry Out Loud competition have all been announced, and we would like to congratulate the 114 students who have made it to this next stage. Our semifinalist history is now fully updated* and you can check it out HERE. We also discovered that we had left Kaitlyn Clarke and Irfan Margoob off of our last announcement- both Kaitlyn and Irfan are both returning to the semifinals for the third time as well! Great job!

Good luck to the semifinalists! You ought to be very proud of yourselves!

Stay tuned for the announcement of the finalists, as well as the 4th annual Teacher’s Choice Awards, where each member of the English Department awards one of the most exemplary performances in the semifinals.

* = Our records for the 2011 competition are in disarray. Seniors, if you were a semifinalist as a freshmen, and we have not given you credit, our apologies. Please send Mr. Lally an email – he will gladly update our page!

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