2014 Poetry Out Loud Teacher’s Choice Awards

2014 Teachers ChoiceFor the past 4 years, as a part of our Poetry Out Loud competition, we have offered the Teacher’s Choice Awards in the semifinal round. With this award, each English teacher selects one performance that did not advance to the finals that stood out for whatever reason – perseverance, unacknowledged greatness, stepping up big, or breaking through a personal barrier. This allows us to bring a little more attention to the numerous other successes that we see every year in our semifinals. Please see our write-ups in the English hall (pictured above) for a brief explanation from each teacher. Winners receive a $10 gift card to True North Coffee.

And now, CONGRATULATIONS to our winners!

2014 Recipients
From Mrs. Bernard – Lenny Thelusma
From Ms. Bularzik – Sana Rana
From Ms. Coppola – Erin Savage
From Mrs. Crossman – Rosemary Nabukeera
From Mr. Feinsilver – Ashwini Kulkarni
From Mrs. Ford – Chenaniah Errisson-Johnson
From Ms. Graham – Dan Pais
From Mrs. Janovitz – Laura Frustaci
From Mr. Lally – Fiona Maxwell
From Mrs. McKee – Ryan Murphy
From Ms. Netishen – Tyler Gaffey
From Ms. Roberts – Crystal Curran
From Mrs. Rose – Angel Vargas
From Ms. Stuart – Laura Schissler
2014 Departmental – Joseph Kim

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