Lally’s Literati Strikes Again – FREE BOOKS FOR STUDENTS

The Used Book Superstore in Salem, NH held its closing sale this weekend and although it is sad to see another bookstore board up its windows, Lally’s Literati was able to pick up a LOT of books that are waiting for you… all you have to do is claim one!


2014-02-10 07.10.23Only a few of these titles are already allocated for distribution…

If you see something that you immediately wish to receive, all you have to do is sign up for Lally’s Literati here (just follow the instructions on the page, or see Mr. Lally). Since these books were insanely inexpensive, you will not have to pay anything for any of these titles. Preference will go to students who have not yet received anything yet. The link to the signup page is also under the RESOURCES tab in our header, for future reference.

Also, keep your eye on the wall near the FREE BOOKS table in the English Department – over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight some of these titles and add a description of it, to give you a better sense of whether you’d like a copy or not. And there’s a QR code posted on the same wall to help you conveniently sign up for this book-buying program.

Happy reading!


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