Murals Coming into Focus in English Hall

The two mural projects in the English hallway, both focusing on our junior-year curricula, are nearing completion. First, Anne Zhang (Class of 2015) is creating a portrait of John Steinbeck and his dog Charlie, from Travels With Charley, and is mapping out the route that the two companions take in that non-fiction work. The mural is going up in the alcove in the center of the English hallway. Special thanks to Mrs. Rose and Mr. Ratkevich for putting this together! (NB: These paintings are still works in progress at this time)

2014-06-17 09.14.47Directly opposite this project, on the doorway to room 201 (Ms. Netishen’s room), junior Brenna Tedesco is completing a collection of images from the AP Language reading selections from this year’s course, including Janie’s pear tree from Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hester Prynne’s Scarlet Letter, the eyes of Dr. TJ Eckleburg from The Great Gatsby, and the English Department’s best friend, Charlie from Travels With Charlie.

2014-06-17 09.15.02

We’re very luck to have such talented artists working in our hallway. The English hall was sorely lacking in decoration, ever since the whitewashing of the rogue Disney characters a few years back. Stay tuned for more pictures, once these two masterpieces are completed!

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