Want a Quick Read? Here are 55 Great Books that are 200 Pages or Fewer

Summer is almost over – but there’s still time to sneak in some final books… Half-Priced Books has a great list of short books that you could probably burn through pretty quickly – the list was compiled by their readership, who weighed in on their favorite short classics. The lone criterion was that the book be no longer than 200 pages, and you’d be surprised at some of the classics that are much shorter than you remember!


Summer Reading Reminder

BHS students, don’t forget: the summer reading assignment deadline is coming up. Now that you know who your teacher is, please email him or her if you have any questions. If you need a reminder about the specifics of your task, please visit our page that outlines the assignment. Your teachers will expect that you have finished your book by September 2, the first day back from school.

Good luck, and even if you haven’t started the reading yet, you still have ten days left, which is plenty of time. Happy reading!

P.S. if you need to find an online copy of the book, check this page for links, but get one today – don’t let a shipping delay force you into a frantic final day of marathon reading & writing…

Exploros Overhaul Completed

Over the summer of 2014, we have polished up how our Exploros vocabulary textbook works, adding more of what you need, and eliminating elements that got in the way. Among the improvements for the 2014-15 school year are:

  • A simpler signup procedure that allows teachers to invite students to their classes more easily, and eliminates the possibility of a student accidentally signing up as a teacher.
  • A streamlined process for teachers to get the units that they distribute to their students
  • Sample sentences beneath the definitions of the words in the freshmen text
  • A page where you can write original sentences using the unit’s words, or add notes to  to help you remember the words better
  • More context-related questions in all of the the freshmen units, and in most of the sophomore units
  • Links to the Quizlet flashcard sets within each unit, now located in the “Pack” tab at the bottom of each unit. Just click on the link, and you’ll go straight to our Quizlet flashcard set for that unit. At the end of each semester (in units 9 & 18 of each year), you’ll also find a link to a nine-unit set of flashcards, to help you study for exams
  • The elimination of the story-telling responses in both the freshmen and sophomore texts
  • Clarification in the naming of the vocabulary units, some of which still bore the old nomenclature, where unit 10 was called “Unit 2.1”
  • Some slight rearrangement of words in the sophomore units, to avoid having similar words in the same unit
  • General edits, including a more unified style overall

We hope you enjoy these changes!