How to Connect with your Teacher in Exploros

One of the first improvements that you will notice to the Exploros updates is how easy it has now become to connect with your teacher’s class. No more email address collection, no more accidentally signing up as a teacher. Connecting with your teacher is a simple procedure, where you just need your teacher’s ID code. Below is a link to a video that explains how to connect with a teacher if you have never used Exploros, or how to connect if you already have an Exploros account (skip to 0:39 in the video to get the student instructions).

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike last year, you may now use your BPS email account to sign up for Exploros, but there are still some drawbacks – first of all, you will not receive any emails that summarize your work at the end of each unit. You will still be able to see your answers in the app itself, but only there. Also, if you need a password reminder, the email will not make it through the BPS student filter, and you will have to retrieve your password through your teacher. Although it is not as stern of a rule as it was last year, our recommendation is that you use a non-BPS email account when signing up for Exploros.

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