First Purchase for Well-Read Devils Comes With a Surprise

The first book purchases for members of the Well-Read Devils arrived today, and one of them had a little extra bonus.

The Well-Read Devils is a book-buying program run by the BHS English Department where students put in requests for books that they like, and we try to find cheap or free copies for the students. The English Department picks up the tab for the first $5 for each purchase, which means that most books go out to students for free. If you’d like to sign up to get free or discounted books, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions. (And keep your eye on the display in the English hallway for the arrivals of new books!)

When today’s mail came in, one of the books was a paperback copy of Sherwood Anderson’s famous novel, Winesburg, Ohio. Tucked inside it was a newspaper clipping from the Toledo Blade, from only 2 weeks ago, highlighting the effect that the book has had on the real-life town that inspired it. Check it out!


Last year, a student was pleasantly surprised to find that her Jodi Picoult novel that she received for free was actually signed by the author!

If you are interested in getting in on the free books, don’t hesitate to sign up to be one of the Well-Read Devils.

One thought on “First Purchase for Well-Read Devils Comes With a Surprise

  1. Thank you, genevieve Penny, I think I am more resilaing the truth in this statement, that: Taste in poetry, as in all the arts, is very much a personal matter. Phil Roberts, How poetry works (2000). I used to read some poems and wonder why I couldn’t hear anything in them, and I would think it was a flaw in me; I am very slowly learning what I do like, and focussing on those instead. Currently enjoying the collection of Adrienne Rich’s poetry The fact of a doorframe.

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