Scholastic Writing Competition Now Open For Submissions

The Scholastic Writing Contest, a prestigious annual writing contest for high school writers in various genres, is now open for submissions. The submission deadline is December 17, 2014. Considering our writers’ recent successes on the written portion of the AP exams, as well as getting published in statewide and national publications, the English Department is hoping to see an increase in the number of students who submit their original work to this competition.

Submissions are open to students from all grades, except for the portfolio submissions, which are open only to seniors.


To submit your own work, you’ll need to create an account at THIS WEBPAGE

You will also need to have an English teacher sign off on your submission. Please see Mr. Lally (email address: in Room 200 and he will gladly sign your forms. There is a submission fee – $5 per category submission, $20 for a portfolio – but on a limited basis this year, the English Department will pick up the submission fee. If you are interested in submitting your original work, please see or contact Mr. Lally ASAP, and he can tell you if there are funds remaining to cover your submission cost.

(for further information on requirements and details of each category, please CLICK HERE)

Critical Essay
Dramatic Script
Flash Fiction
Personal Essay / Memoir
Science Fiction / Fantasy
Short Story
Writing Portfolio (For Graduating Seniors Only)

Good luck, writers!

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