Read Ariana Orne’s Published Poem

Here is one of the two poems that Ariana Orne (Class of 2015) recently had accepted into The Marble Collection – Enjoy!

Is this one for you?

A white glimpse,
A blurred painting
On the side of 93.
The rise of the sun
On Warm blue skies
Reveals this white image
And a shadow is born.
Born to a holy hell where
Once that red flashing van
Carried limbs.
These same limbs,
Six feet shorter
Than they were before
As their carried away with both arms
Sacrificed, reaching over
Each side of a bland yellow stretcher.
This white flashes by
At 65 miles per hour
As ignorant eyes do not see
The sight of abandoned
Lily petals
And the father and sun.
Baptized palms hold this life
One without an age, or name
Once an old man, or young woman.
As these cars zip by arms are extended
And point to another roadside tribute
By Mile 121, a numbered freeway.

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