Former BHS Teacher Eileen Poehler Appears in People Magazine

While this news item isn’t directly related to the BHS English Department, we are still excited to see former BHS teacher Eileen Poehler’s photograph in the most recent edition of People Magazine. During her time at BHS, Mrs. Poehler worked alongside many of the teachers in the English Department, which is a good enough excuse for us to include her picture here.

Between this article and the recent news that Amy Poehler will be holding a public event alongside former BHS English teacher Kathy Dalton, it seems as though Amy Poehler is now on a mission to share her fame with the greater Burlington High teaching community. Up next: An album of classic Christmas duets with Mr. Carr. Available on iTunes and Google Play this December.

Congratulations to Mrs. Poehler for her appearance in People! Check it out! And for the full article on Amy Poehler and her upcoming book release, pick up a copy of People!

2014-10-26 12.59.26

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