Spring 2015 Marble Collection features 3 BHS Writers

The Spring 2015 edition of The Marble Collection has just come out, and we’re excited to report that three BHS writers, in addition to over a half-dozen BHS artists, have had their original work printed in the magazine. This edition marks the highest number of BHS students to appear in any edition of the magazine, and the three authors highlighted this time around were senior Ariana Orne and juniors Kavya Sebastian and Michaela LaPrise. For Ariana and Michaela, this marks their second time getting published in the magazine.

Congratulations to all of the BHS students who got in, especially to our young authors!

BHS Read-a-thon for Ferguson Library a HUGE SUCCESS

The Read-a-thon has come and gone, and BHS has raised over eleven hundred dollars for the Ferguson Public Library! The figure is likely even higher, but we cannot track the contributions of people who donated directly to the library.

On behalf of the English Department, thank you to all of the students, parents, supporters, faculty, and staff who participated in one way or another. We hope you enjoyed your reading time as well!

Thank you especially to Mrs. Crossman who put this together – it was a lot of fun, and it’s a great cause!

REMINDER: BHS Read-a-thon for the Ferguson Public Library is TOMORROW (12/15)

Just a quick reminder that the read-a-thon to help raise money for the Ferguson Public Library will be held all day TOMORROW, December 15, in the BHS Library. Students, faculty and staff are invited to ask people to pledge money to support them as they read for a 45-minute block during one of their study halls or free periods – a brief, but important respite from e-mails, IMs, Snapchats, Yik Yak, and Trivia Crack.

For more details about the read-a-thon, CLICK HERE

All pledges will be collected in the library, the main office, or by the English teachers, and 100% of the funds raised will go to the Public Library in Ferguson, MO, as they help bring comfort to a community in crisis.

We’d also like to see what you’re reading, whether it be in the BHS Library or from your own home or workday – feel free to post a picture of your book on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #BurlingtonReads4FergusonLibrary

We look forward to this exciting event, and hope to see you in the library!

Thirteen Students Enter Scholastic Writing Contest – Good Luck!!

Thirteen BHS students have submitted work to the 2015 Scholastic Writing Contest in various genres including 3 full writing portfolios, as well as short fiction, poetry, sci-fi/fantasy, critical essays, flash fiction, and humor writing – thirty-one original pieces overall. This is our first mass submission to the Scholastic Writing Contests, so we’re not sure what to expect, but we’re excited to send along so many excellent original pieces to this prestigious contest.

We’re not sure when the announcement of the winners will be released, but the ceremony for the winners will be on March 7th at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Good Luck to all of you who submitted!

REMINDER: Deadline for Scholastic Writing Contest is Wed, 12/10

Last call, writers!

The deadline for the written submissions to the 2015 Scholastic Writing Awards is Wednesday, December 10! Students should print up a copy of their submission sheet, sign it, have a parent/guardian sign it, and bring it to Mr. Lally’s office ASAP. He’ll send in the submissions, including the payments, which are due by 12/15. Don’t miss this opportunity to submit your original work!

Read the Press Release for Kavya Sebastian’s Short Story

The Marble Collection has just issued this press release to announce the publication of BHS junior Kavya Sebastian’s short story Hot Chocolate and Cronuts into their publication. Congratulations, Kavya! Here it is:

“Hot Chocolate and Cronuts,” a Story Written By Kavya Sebastian is Selected for Publication in The Marble Collection: Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts Spring 2015. 

LAKEVILLE, Mass. November 6, 2014 – Kavya Sebastian’s story “Hot Chocolate and Cronuts” was selected for publication in The Marble Collection: Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts spring edition. Kavya Sebastian is an eleventh grader at Burlington High School. Her studies involve advanced language and composition classes. She is the leading poetry editor for her school’s literary magazine as well as the vice-president of the Art Club. Through Kavya’s academic experience and love for the written word, she combines her understanding of literary devices and past experiences with her favorite reads to grow as an effective storyteller.

“Hot Chocolate and Cronuts” explores the stigma of avoiding companionship in strangers for the sake of human comfort levels, as lonesome as it may be. The story is about unanticipated connections between three occupants of a bakery, all struggling to balance their own desires and brings them together in unexpected ways. Readers can certainly familiarize with the anxiety of approaching a stranger in an attempts to form a bond, a common tie, anything to feel less isolated from the universe around them.

The Marble Collection (TMC) chose “Hot Chocolate and Cronuts” for publication from works submitted by students from 180 schools across Massachusetts. All published works are juror-selected to ensure artistic excellence. Through this selective process, TMC strives to publish the most diverse and acclaimed collection of work. After being selected, Kavya Sebastian participated in TMC’s online Student-Mentoring Workshop, in which she was paired one-to-one with a college student mentor who helped her refine her voice and guide her to publication for real-audiences.

“Kavya showed an extraordinary attention to detail in portraying her characters as dimensional beings with hearts and needs. She worked diligently to decide the lives of these characters and share the most telling parts with her readers. I had a wonderful time exchanging possibilities of her written world with her. She has shown immeasurable growth as a writer and storyteller.” Jaran Stallbaum, her student mentor, stated.

The Marble Collection: Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts can be purchased online at www.themarblecollection.org/subscribe.

About The Marble Collection [TMC]

The Marble Collection, Inc. [TMC], a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization, publishes the only Massachusetts statewide print and online magazine of the arts featuring jury-selected artwork, writing, poetry, photography, and music by students in grades 8 to 12. TMC also offers e-Mentoring workshops in which teen writers and artists are partnered with college student mentors who help them refine their voices and guide their work to publication. At a time when budget cuts and an emphasis on standardized testing mean that fewer teens in Massachusetts have access to the arts, TMC collaborates with 200 Massachusetts schools and community groups to publish and mentor 100 teen writers and artists each school year.

For additional information on TMC please visit: http://www.themarblecollection.org.

Join the BHS Read-a-thon to Support the Ferguson Public Library – 12/15

Burlington High School is holding a Read-a-thon to support the public library in Ferguson, Missouri. Students will collect sponsors to support them in their pledge to read for a 45-minute period during a study hall, before school, or after school on Monday, December 15.

English teachers will distribute sponsor sheets to all students in class on Monday, December 8. Students who have collected sponsors will be permitted to leave a study on December 15 to participate in the Read-a-thon. The Read-a-thon will be held in the school library and students will be asked to sign in.  100% of the funds raised will be sent to the Ferguson Public Library.

We’ve created a second sponsor sheet for community members; please encourage friends and family to join us virtually!

For more information, go to https://bhsenglish.com/readathon

We’ve also created a link to our readathon page on the homepage of this website.

Amy Poehler Wins Goodreads Award for Best Humor Book

The results of the 2014 People’s Choice Awards are in at Goodreads, and we are excited to announce that Burlington’s own Amy Poehler was the winner of this year’s Best Humor Book competition! And since her mother, former BHS teacher Eileen Poehler wrote one of the chapters of the book, it’s reasonable to say that she, too, won the award. Congratulations, Eileen! Oh, and since former BHS English teacher Kathy Dalton is mentioned in the Acknowledgements page, it’s probably accurate to say that Burlington High School won the Goodreads Humor award this year. We’re so proud. Right, and it bears repeating that Poehler’s book features the following passage:

2014-10-30 05.51.58

So in short, congratulations to the town of Burlington for winning the 2014 Pulitzer Prize in Literature.

Scholastic Writing Contests: Deadline now December 15

The deadline for the Scholastic Writing contests has been moved up two days and is now December 15th. Any student who wishes to submit original written work should see or email Mr. Lally ASAP. He will be able to provide instructions on what you need to do to enter this prestigious competition.

(for further information on requirements and details of each category, please CLICK HERE)

Critical Essay
Dramatic Script
Flash Fiction
Personal Essay / Memoir
Science Fiction / Fantasy
Short Story
Writing Portfolio (For Graduating Seniors Only)