UPDATE: BHS Poetry Out Loud Semifinalist History Updated

The list of the 2015 semifinalists is completed, and has been updated on our website HERE.

2015 stats:

As of this moment, there are a total of 197 current BHS students who have been Poetry Out Loud Semifinalists over the past four years – which we feel speaks to how difficult it is to find repeated success in this competition. In fact, out of the 105 semifinalists this year, 67 of them are making their POL debut this year. Out of the repeat performers, a few names stand out. This year, only three seniors have been able to add their names to the short list of students who have made it to the semifinals for four consecutive years, and they are:

Tommy Bezreh
Brooke Hindle

Briana LoRusso

Only four students are even making their third appearance on our POL stage, and they are:

Havanah Becker
Shannon Carey
Michaela Mazure
Rachel Seeley

Congratulations to our 105 semifinalists, and especially to these seven performers, who have conquered the odds, and have earned a spot on our Hall of Fame!

We look forward to seeing all of your performances on January 27th!

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